Is It Worth Spending Your Hard Earned Money On VPS Hosting

Choosing a web hosting plan can be as tough as choosing a vehicle. You have to invest a lot of time, efforts and money in it. And if you are a beginner then all these things can freak you out.

 Let’s start with an overview of different types of web hosting.

 The very first type is shared hosting plans, in which you have to share your server and its resources with other users. It is the cheapest among all other plans. If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about web hosting then this is the solution for you.

If you are enjoying huge traffic on your website and have a well-settled business. You can go for dedicated web hosting plans. In that case, the web hosting company will provide you with full access to the server and many more. But the only issue is it can shake your whole budget.

You must be wondering, is there any middle way? The good news is, YES. Virtual Private Server(VPS) is the way for you.

VPS hosting plan will give you benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting. You can enjoy the private server feature of dedicated hosting and affordability of shared hosting.

 VPS is a bit more expensive than shared hosting and less expensive than dedicated hosting. Let’s compare it with others.

 VPS vs. Shared hosting

 Let’s just take an example, imagine you have booked a room in a hotel for which you are paying a certain amount but suddenly you want a room with a pool view and jacuzzi in it. Don’t you give extra money for that room? Yes, you have to.

 Same goes with shared and VPS hosting. If you want basic services and have a small business or maybe you are not expecting huge traffic then you can choose shared hosting. But if you want to enjoy some more services then you must switch to VPS hosting.

 VPS vs. Dedicated hosting

 Let’s take the same example to imagine now you want a luxury suite with a private pool but you have a budget of a Mini-suite with a pool view. What will you do? You can do nothing because the luxury suite will be out of your budget.

 The same thing applies to dedicated and VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting may provide you with an end number of facilities but it’s quite expensive.

 So, if you are thinking about, is VPS the right choice for you? Then, of course, it is if you are expecting moderate traffic and you have a genuine budget.Looking for a web hosting service provider? Host Cafe Day is the right web hosting company to purchase all kinds of hosting plans. They offer premium quality services and that too under affordable prices.

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