Heard about Shared WordPress Hosting? Know About it from the Scratch

Are you a newbie and thinking about buying a shared WordPress hosting plan?

If Yes, then you must get yourself acquainted with the whole concept of shared WordPress hosting

First thing first, What is shared WordPress hosting?

Like the name suggests, in this type of hosting, the server and its resources are shared among the users. It is preferable for the business which is operating at the initial level and doesn’t have too much budget or the website which is enjoying a low amount of traffic. 

You must be thinking why to choose shared hosting instead of any other plans?

The answer is as simple as your experience in this field. If you are a newbie and don’t even know the technicalities of the web hosting field, shared hosting will be much more feasible for you because you can save money and above all it fulfils all your basic requirements. 

Now the question is: How to choose the right provider? Don’t worry you will get every answer to your questions in this article:

1) Web storage and bandwidth 

Storage and bandwidth play a major role in the expansion of your business. Don’t know how? Let’s explore.

You always want to have certain storage space for your files and documents. And on the other hand, no website wants to have slow loading speed as it will affect the potential customers. 

If you are going to choose a shared WordPress hosting plan then you must go through the services the hosting company is providing. Like, ensure whether in the given storage space and bandwidth your website can run smoothly or not. 

2) Reliability and Security 

Security is the essence of any business. As in today’s digital world, cybercrime is the villain for any company and to defeat its top-notch security features are the need of the hour. And high-security features are the concern of the most reliable hosting companies. 

This is the reason why you must check on the reliability and the security features, a company is offering you with the plan.

3) Support 

As a fresher, you must not be fully aware of the technicalities of the field you are getting yourself into but the right hosting company will ensure the smooth running of your website with the help of their team of technical experts. 

The right web hosting company will provide a 24X7 support system. If you are residing in southern India then there are companies who have the best WordPress hosting experts in Bangalore, Chennai and so on. 

Nowadays, there are many companies in the market which are providing free WordPress hosting but always look for the services it is offering along with the plan. Then only you can make the wisest decision which will be favourable for the website.

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