Amid Coronavirus outbreak all the existent things are suffering whether it’s the people or the non-living entities like business and more. No matter if the business is well established or it has just started from scratch, they are suffering huge losses. 

The only solution in sight is to take the business on an online platform and for that, the major role is played by web hosting. 

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service which enables individuals and organizations to access their website through the World Wide Web. 

In simple terms, web hosting is the service through which space for a website is bought. 

A website can only be launched if it has space over the internet. Only then other users will be able to see the website. 

Web hosting requires a hosting company which knows the know-how of technical things about websites and web hosting. 

 What is the role of a web hosting company?

A web hosting company provides server space to websites through various hosting plans. The company also provides various other facilities like security, support system, uptime and many more. Every city has a wide range of companies providing web hosting services like web hosting in Bangalore, Chandigarh and so on. 

 Types of Web hosting plans 

1)Shared web hosting plan 

As the name suggests the website has to share its server space and resources with other users. 

Shared hosting is the best option for beginners because it is the cheapest of all the hosting plans.

2) VPS web hosting plan 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It enjoys the affordability of shared hosting and private space of dedicated hosting. If the website has moderate traffic then VPS is the right choice.

3) Dedicated web hosting plan 

A dedicated hosting service is a form of internet hosting in which the client rents a whole server that is not shared with anyone. It is more versatile than shared hosting, as companies have full control of the server(s), including operating system options, hardware, and more.

4) Reseller hosting 

In reselling hosting the rental space is resold to further clients. It is that plan which can earn a hefty amount of money by just reselling the resources one owns. 

 What is the domain? And what are the points to consider before choosing a Domain name?


 In simple words, the domain name is the address of the website. If the space of the website is building then the domain name is the location, area of the building. It gives a unique entity to the website.

Points to consider

•  Uniqueness – The domain name must be unique. As it will help to create brand awareness.

•  Easy to spell and type – The domain name should be easy to spell and type. Humans have the potential to learn simple things easily. An easy domain name can be recalled with ease while recommending it to others.

• Purpose of the website – The domain name must be in accordance with the purpose of the website. As it will be feasible for the customers to locate your website.

 Key features web hosting company should offer

1) Customer support 

Every web hosting company must offer a 24×7 support system. The technicalities of websites are not a cup of tea for everyone.

 Sometimes guidance from experts becomes the need of the hour. The best hosting experts in Bangalore can be searched on a search engine. 

2) Uptime 

Web hosting companies must provide 99.9% network uptime because every minute, customers are important in online business.

 The downtime of a website can result in the loss of many potential customers. 

3) Security 

It is another key feature to consider before choosing a hosting company. Websites are prone to cybercrime and for that precautions must be taken beforehand. 

Web hosting companies must provide security certificates like SSL, and other security measures like DDoS and so on. Hosting services in Bangalore provide the required security services.

4) Affordability of Plans 

Web hosting companies must provide hosting plans at reasonable rates. Although the budget of business and the traffic it enjoys will decide the choice of hosting plan like 

• If the website enjoys low traffic and it is a comparatively small business then shared hosting plan is the best. It is the most affordable plan. 

•  If the website is enjoying a moderate amount of traffic and the budget of a business is more than that of shared hosting then the virtual private server (VPS) is the right choice.

•  If the website is enjoying a lot of traffic and the business is operating at a larger level then a dedicated hosting plan is a must. It is the most expensive type of hosting plan.

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5) Scalability 

A right web hosting service provider will provide the feature of scalability. Scalability is one of the key features because after some point of time, if a business plans to switch from one hosting plan to another then only the right web hosting company will provide that scalability with ease. 

Wrapping up 

This is the web hosting guide to know from scratch to all known aspects of the web hosting industry. Web hosting companies play a major role in making or breaking the business. The wise choice can take the business on new heights.

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